Monday, January 07, 2008

Look! It's the Ice Truck Killer!

This is my new skein of yarn from Dharmafey (from Socks in the City)- she listed some colorways over on Ravelry and I snapped one up right before the end of 2007. It is very silky and shiny. ETA: Sorry - you have to be a Dexter fan to get the reference - she had some great colors based on the show!

Sorry I missed my countdown, but this is the first skein of yarn so let's call this 9! Tomorrow we'll have 8 - I'll show you another stash enhancement and some WIP's. If anybody is interested, the Yarn Nerd is updating his website tomorrow

This is what I was doing this weekend - or watching anyway - in Owatonna.

Those boys are holding up a third place trophy and they are very proud of themselves (as they should be!)
The dogs are all pooped out. A stay at the Hound Dog Hotel just took it all out of them.

Congrats to the boys!! Aw, you have the same sort of big/little, single color pet action going on that I do!! :)
Dogs seem to be getting along. But soon they won't both fit on that bed!

Beautifully colored yarn.
Aww to that last picture. : ) Pretty yarn!
LOVE Dexter! Can't wait until season 2 comes out on DVD (we don't have HBO so I'm always way behind the times).

Happy dogs. Hey--I saw on another blogger's site a place called Woofdah in Burnsville...looks like a total doggy spa. I may take my dogs there the next time we go out of town.
Amy (above) once told me that I *needed* to watch Dexter to feed my "morally ambiguous" television mode after the Sopranoes series ended. Saw season 1 and thought it was fabulous. I've heard season 2 is excellent as well.
Third place! That fabulous. The puppies seems to be getting along.
No idea about Dexter but the yarn is gorgeous! The two dogs too...:-)
Go boys!!!

Love that blue...
The yarn is yummy!
Glad to see the chocolate boys are getting along so well. How are you holding up with the potty training?
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