Friday, January 18, 2008

Leeeetle FO's:

See, lots of FO's! See how the pile of yarn behind there is getting correspondingly smaller? Yay! I'm hoping to finish at least five more before the month is out.

The big FO is blocking and drying right this very minute - so I'll have to show that to you later, in the meantime it is socks, socks, socks! Still no plan or goals to tell you about - I keep stalling because the more I think about the planning, the less I actually have to think about actually sticking to the plan! Maybe it will be organic and design itself! HA! Nice thing is, I've managed to de-stash a little this week off of Ravelry and I've got a little pile of money in Paypal now, maybe when I actually get to reward myself, it'll be sitting there waiting for me!!

I have become a total hockey junkie - last night Puck's team beat the Green Machine (that's Edina to the not-in-the-know) 3-2, however, the Teenager was being artistic and performing at the High School, so I missed the Green beatdown. Tonight is Anaheim Ducks v. MN Wild at the Xcel Energy Center - woot! I will be there cheering very loudly, when I'm not gossiping with my buddy Inga. I'll drink a beer for y'all!

Some of my fondest memories from HS feature the various Green Machines going down. Funny how that works...
Aw, those hats are adorable! Cheers!
You do a nice job with color and the hats look great!
Cute hats! Go Wild! You'll be just a couple of miles from my house...
Your hats are so cute! Poor Ozzie. I hope he will get better. Will his front legs get back to normal?

You will have fun at the Wild game!
The hats are just too cute!
LOL - will the coach have any clothes left after burning all his Green-wear?

I've been out of the hockey loop lately, especially the Wild and Gophers. Too many rehearsals. But I did seek Hockeyman play last night. He has stepped up his game and had a fantastic night (a beautiful steal at the blue line and sweet pass for an assist). We beat Elk River 3-0, which give the seventh shut-out for our #1 goalie - Woot!
Those silly Cake-Eaters. Congrats, Mr. Puck.

You lucky lady - going to a Wild game. I've only been to one and it was the time of my life (not including trip to disney world).

LOVE THOSE HATS! You'll have to put something by the hats so we can get a better idea of scale. I'm sure they're teeny tiny! Unbelievable!
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