Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Goodies from the Netherlands...

First off, the package smelled heavenly. Yvonne posted this way before Christmas, and at the time, this coffee was freshly ground. I must tell you, it didn't lose any smell along the way.

And how can I go wrong with chocolate for me?

Yummy, spicy-smelling tea-candles.
Some tea (Oolong! I used to work in a Chinese restaurant and that's what we served!!) MORE chocolate + coffee, and a little tin of Roomboter Babbelaars, um, yep. The only English I can read on the box says Butter Sweets - made with butter, sugar, glucose and salt; how can you go wrong?

How can we forget the Wollmeise!!! (#5) Colorway Fratello (sounds boyish, doesn't it?), also, an excellent pattern. I'll try to get a better picture of the yarn if the sun comes out later. In the meantime - I am one lucky girl! You can go visit my friend Yvonne here, if you like. She posts bi-lingually most of the time.

Again, thank you Yvonne!!!!

you had me at chocolate!
What fabulous goodies! I LOVE the look of that sock pattern.
What a nice package! And I love the last installment of STR yarn, wonderful colors.

Glad to hear Ozzie is getting better. Hope he continues to improve.

You asked why I am feeding my one puppy. Honestly, I don't know why but for some reason, she simply won't nurse on her mom. She nurses from a bottle, so she can suck, she just doesn't nurse on mom. Strange, but I'm not about to let her starve herself so, I'm bottle feeding her.
What a lovely package! I love that sock pattern - the cable is beautiful.
That's a pretty great package. The pattern looks like it has some serious potential.
I like the yarn and the pattern, too. Very interesting.
What a great package! Chocolate, yarn and tea sounds great to me!
Sounds like the perfect package to curl up in a ball with your knitting/chocolate/tea and start those yummy, warm socks.

I'm so jealous! What a great thing to get in the mail.

(Go Ozzie Go!)
What fabulous swag! I am so jealous. I can hardly wait for the sock club to start up so I can receive something in the mail besides homeschool curriculum.

The boys have a couple scrimmages this weekend but the big tourney in Moorhead is next weekend. Woot! We're taking a bus, so it should be a wild weekend.
Love, loove Marjan's patterns. (Yarnissima-- Fratello). They're just soo darn expensive right now with the dollar continuing to fall. Grr, argh.

Have you seen her Digitessa?
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