Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bryony's Socks

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These are the socks I sent to Bryony last week (she's actually in Yorkshire!) The yarn is Araucania Ranco (I cannot remember the colorway at all.) My needles were Knitpicks dpn's I think I was in the 2.5 and the 2.0 mm sizes. The pattern was lovely (I made is shorter per Bryony's request), it was from - the pattern is Siren Socks. The lace cuff almost killed me, but once it was done, it was easy peasy! I was very tempted to keep these lovelies, but I did not!

PS - Kristi's patterns are very well written and lovely to work from!

Oooo I've not seen that site before! [runs off to look]

I don't blame you wanting to keep them - they are gorgeous :D
They are very pretty! Love the color, too.
Very pretty - love the color!
lucky lady!!
They're gorgeous! I totally agree about Kristi's patterns - I DEFINITELY need to knit another pair of Flatirons. Everytime I wear my pair, I admire the coolness.
It's a big deal to give away a pair of hand knit socks - especially a gorgeous pair like that!
Is that were those socks went? They are beautiful! I don't know that I could have given them away.
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