Saturday, November 03, 2007

Walk in the Woods

So, the treadmill has bitten the proverbial dust, and until I can get it repaired, I have taken to walking the bike path that runs through our neighborhood. On Friday, I thought to myself, "Self, you should try to take some pretty yarn pictures out in The Nature." So I tried.

I guess I need to read my camera instructions again, but the color in these pictures is just wrong. The Nature and my camera did not like each other on Friday, not at all.

You cannot see how very pretty this yarn is, how soft and appealing. So I brought the poor thing home and took a proper photo.

This is what happpens when a $25 credit is burning a hole in your pocket at the Loopy Ewe. This is the Bamboolaine in Turkey. (The website says Turgey, but that's not what my label says. What is a Turgey?)

And then, remember last week when I was taunting and misleading you about Knitterly Things' shop update and The Vesper? Well, I was taunted back and I could not resist. (Sigh) She actually has one skein of Astro left this morning. I am telling you, I have not seen a BAD colorway from her.

This is Serendipitous and Trick or Treat - I won't say which - but I plan on tucking one of these into a little package I am sending out this week. I am sorry to say, the other is mine. MINE I tell you!

Let's see - tomorrow we have "Hockey Parents' Party" or "Let's All Act Like a Bunch of Kids" held chez Guinifer.

In reply to your comment on my blog - what a shame about the coach and Puck's team! At least it's only one game but trying to get District 6 to relent on issues like this ... well, from my experience,let's just say enjoy the party and serve out the suspension and move on.

Girl, the sock pr0n is killing me. I have so much sock yarn already ... PURTY stuff!
Hey... where did you buy sheepaints? It's beautiful!
Do you have a photo editor? It should be able to fix those outdoor pictures with one click! Ha, you got me yesterday - today I am strong.
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