Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Teen Dream Snowboard Cap

Last February, with much Teen guidance, I knit up this hat for my eldest. It became welded to his head until the snow melted. It came out again this Fall and has been worn daily until last week when it got balled up into a hoodie pocket and washed. It is now a very tiny felted beanie.

Yarn was ordered, and I wracked my brain to recreate this hat. Somehow it wound up just a little bit bigger (which is okay) - and here he is modelling the Teen Dream Snowboard Cap II.

Now Puck wants one. Good thing they only take two days.

Pattern: Improvised by Teen and Myself Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Tuareg. Needles: MeiMei 5.0 mm US8 dpn's. Started: November 22, 2007 Completed: November 24, 2007.

That's a nice hat. Even better that it has Teen approval. Now, while your memory is fresh, you should write down the pattern. Perhaps in your blog? That way you'll always have it.
Very nice! I need to make one of those, too.
Very nice hat and what a great choice of yarn! And so nice that you have teen approval on that - so hard to get sometimes...
Disaster averted!! Can we see a picture of the tiny felted beanie?!
Cute! Love the colors of both versions (they're different, right?)
Teens are amazing. Make a simple ribbed hat and it's their most prized article of clothing. Your boys are very lucky you have the gift of knitting. Both hats are great colors, too bad the first one met an untimely felt.
Great hat!!! So happy he actually keeps it on his head:-) Mine just get thrown on the floor, the backyard, the sandbox, the get the picture!
WELL! They only take YOU two days!!!! That would take me a week - but you also whip out socks like you were a machine or something! WOW!

Leo is now crated and confined to a small, tiled room. He has been pretty darn good about the pee thing. Or maybe it's because we are religious about taking him outside about every 30 minutes.
Great hat! Teens are too funny, you never anticipate what will tickle thier fancy.
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