Saturday, November 17, 2007

Socks in the Background:

So, Snow White had to take a turn as Sleeping Beauty for a short while. Somehow I messed up when I was trying to attach the sleeves and removed all my stitch markers. Hmmm, I have an email in to Ysolda through Ravelry - I am hoping she can help me find the proper placement for these sleeves. Once the sleeves are on, this sweater is almost finished.

In the meantime - socks:

I was invited to this mini sock swap and I have been picking up skeins of yarn and patterns and casting them on, and finding them to be "not quite right" for this partner. So, mom's getting the blue-green pair (which is Ruby Sapphire's Merino/Bamboo in the Carlton colorway.)
The other pair is the Gentleman Socks pattern (made in my size) knit in white oak studio's tvyarn, colorway: Frasier. I am loving her Buffy and Survivor colorways she has up on her Etsy shop right now.

Puck and I watched Shrek 3 tonight, it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd heard it was. Certainly not as delightful as the first two, but we laughed outright occasionally.

Oh this is funny. I'm reading blogs while watching Shrek 3 and find out you just watched it. Shrek just got caught by Charming - oh what will happen? Will he have a happily ever after? Stay tuned....
Oh, I'm not sure I could survive the stress of knitting socks for another knitter for a swap...
I'm glad to hear about Shrek 3. It's in my netflix queue, but I wasn't really sure I wanted to watch it.
Such lovely yarn. I'm having issues, too, with my hand-dyed from Shepherd's Harvest. Patterned stitches get lost but I'm just not loving the plain stockinette stitch either. What to do?

BTW, we're heading up to Blaine this weekend. We've got Waseca and Edina tournaments in December. Then next February we have Moorhead. Luck of the draw, I guess, to get so many out of town tourneys. Lots of knitting time, though.
The blue-green socks are really pretty!
If you want another e-mail adress for Ysolda because the answer takes to long, let me know. \I can help you. socks are great as usual.
I hope you are able to get the sleeves attached soon. I have that pattern on my list of sweaters to make so I will make sure I pay attention when I knit it.
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