Wednesday, November 14, 2007


How sad is a dog who can't lick himself - anywhere? This Sad Sack ripped one his toenails off (eeeewwwww!), right at the base, and to prevent him from licking at it constantly, he must wear The Cone of Shame. Have you ever seen a sorrier thing? Okay, it's kind of funny when he runs into the doorways, but, awwwwww.

I'm not feeling much better. Puck's Croup from a week and half ago has manifested in my throat and, owie. However, I am knitting. I am half a sleeve and much construction away from finishing Snow White! Yay!

OH! I'm so glad you posted that picture! It made me smile (with empathy, of course). Can you imagine if humans had to endure such shocking shame!? What a lovey.

Can wait to see that finished SNOW WHITE!!! WHOO HOO.

Get well soon.
Dear mrs. G. I sure have ever seen a sorrier thing: a cat with that construction around her head. Yes. :-)

Me too, eager to meet Snow White.
Oh, no wonder I didn't get to meet you today! Deb says you were supposed to be the surprise member of our knitting party. Next time, I hope!
Poor guy. But it is funny when they bang into doorways.
A cat is a much sorrier sight to see the collar of shame because they do clean themselves. But Kona did bring it on himself by tearing the nail off. And it is funny to think of the running into doorways and everything else with the collar on.

And I hope you feel better soon. But you are almost done with another sweater!!!!
Poor doggie! :( I hope you feel better soon!
Poor Kona! Give him a tummy rub.

Oooh, can't wait to see Snow White! : )
Awww! Next time, though, right? Promise??? Don't worry, I talk enough for both of us.
Oh, your poor little boo-boo baby. Hope he isn't permanantly warped by the giggling I'm guessing your family is doing. Take Care!
Dog From SPACE!

:cough, ahem:

I mean, Poor Sweetie!!
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