Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No FO's for me.

I do have a pile of finished, single socks sitting next to me - but no pairs to show. Snow White is still Sleeping Beauty - I'm going to have to find another contact for the lovely Ysolda to see if she can help me with my sleeves (Yvonne?)

I am gearing up to cook the 20 pound gobbler that is thawing in my refrigerator. (There will be 9 kids - 5 of them teenagers - to feed!) Puck has volunteered to help make the dressing (hah! Subsitute "sample" with "make" in that sentence and that's what's happening there.)

Then, for the rest of the weekend, THIS is what we are doing:

This is last year's photo - but it's one of my favorites - look at that poor goalie giving Puck the evil eye. Luckily my sock projects all will travel well.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Ennabling - Ennabling - Ennabling:

Carodan Farms is having a 1 day sale on 11/23. 25% off everything!

Brooklyn Handspun has all her yarn marked 10% off to clear out the warehouse.

Scout has received a shipment of a new Haiku bag - REALLY cute. She's got a bunch of other stuff in now too.

Chris reminded me that Yarn4socks is having a sale too - but I can't find the details in my email. As soon as I know, you will know!

Oh wow, that is a great picture!!

Good luck with your turkey, sounds like you will be busy.

I found you on Ravelry. I'm just starting to set up my stuff there. (as if I really needed another time-sucker-upper :) )
Yarn4Socks is having a sale, too. I can't believe you missed that one. ;)

Cute picture! Have a great holiday!
Hello! Yup, we're having a sale! 15% off on sock yarns containing pink or blue on Friday and 15% off on sock yarns containing green or brown on Friday!
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