Monday, November 12, 2007

Lunch at the 318

I don't know about you, but meeting new people almost paralyzes me. Once I'm in my seat, I can start chatting away and I don't have any problem. It's that first, "Hello, I'm ...." that nearly makes me crawl into the smallest hiding space I can find. Seriously. It has been very easy to hide behind the blog. takes a pretty friendly person to just say to me: "Meet you there." No questions, just boom, there it is. So meet Deb, the first person to yank me out from behind the blog:

I know! Isn't she funny?
(Sorry Deb - I maybe should've taken another picture? Chris has a much better one.) So, I met Deb in August, much to my delight. Then, Chris had a little work break and I had a family break and she thought I should meet them for lunch at the 318. (Gulp) Okay, I knew Deb, I practically knew Chris from her blog, I could venture out again. So look what I gained from taking a chance! I got to meet Chris, Val and Kelly!
Isn't it nice to see her lovely smile? Those are some lucky kitties! Even though you have to go back to work, I'm so glad you are healthy again.

This is Val - she has a really cute blog and she works at an excellent sock enabling website! Y4S is carrying that Auracania Ranco, which I am really kind of loving right now. Val and Kelly were going to brave the Mall of America after the yarn store. Brave girls! (I am telling you right now, they are waaaay younger than I am - they can handle the MOA.) She is knitting with some Lime & Violet yarn, the colors were really pretty.
This is Kelly. Hi Kelly! She was knitting with some yarn that she really hated, so I didn't take a picture of it. She is blog-free, but she likes to visit so say hi!

Remember I mentioned that Ranco yarn? How pretty is this? We went across the street to Coldwater Collaborative and this little gem made it's way into my bag.

It was a really fun afternoon, and possibly the longest "lunch" I've had in years!

More pr0n to come!

Contrary to my introverted tendencies I want to invite myself to the next "lunch" :-)
Sounds like you had a great time!
Aw, thank you!! It was great to meet you, too! Even though you ambushed me while I was blowing my nose in the parking lot. ;)
I feel the same way as you as far as meeting new people is concerned. But then I think about all the people I know now that I never would have met, and force myself out there.
Looks like a fun time! : )

I too, have terrible introvert tendencies. Yay you!
You are not alone in hiding behind the written word. What a nice thing for all of you gals to get together!
I'm much cuter than that photo!! But the new hair looks good in that shot! It was a really loooooong lunch! Are you still up for tomorrow?
Fun fun fun! It was so nice meeting you guys for lunch and learning more about your awesome town/area. Thanks for the tips on hand-dying, we utilized them today - will let you know how it turned out. The MOA was great and we didn't get lost too much! I'm so glad Val brought me along...
OH! I'm proud of you! It IS so awkward meeting people. . . especially bloggy people . . . remember meeting at Coldwater!? It was like HI! HI! HI!!!!!! and then we got kind of quiet, like . . . now what. So . . . guess we'll get back to shopping. . .

HA HA HA! Sounds like a lovely lunch, though and nice new knitty friends.
See you can do it. Just go out and do it. And you still managed to have yarn follow you homeagain.
It's amazing how many of us are "new people impaired". I can get in front of 1000 people and talk or meet new clients at a business meeting - no problem but- put me in a room with a few new people in a social gathering and I become the biggest wallflower. Glad you took the big step and met some fun new people.
oh, what a pity you all live that far away... I would walk right from behind my blog into your lunch! Does Val c.s. send to Europe?
That looks like fun!
I'm a bit like you, too and I flew halfway across the road to meet Chris and Jeanne! :) Chris and Deb are super, aren't they?
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