Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hockey Parents' Party (or the ode to the Lemon Drop Martini)

Who'd think you'd find such a likely compatriot at a parents' hockey party? Peewee hockey season has started and evidently some teams like to have the parents bond as well as the kids. A party was suggested and our house was offered up. I took no pictures to protect the innocent.
There was a lot of (yummy) food, not provided by me! Well into the evening one of the Mom's showed up with the makings for Lemon Drop Martini's. It just so happened DH received a Martini Shaker for Christmas last year - we were in business! Dare I say, yum? LD Martini mom and I definitely bonded!!! Thank goodness when it was time for bed, it was time to "Fall Back".

There was lots of football to be had yesterday, and the Vikings even made a decent show for themselves - All Day Adrian! I managed to finish up my KP&S Wrap Cardigan!

I think Chris put it right when she said wearing this yarn is like wrapping yourself in a hug!

Pattern: Knitting Pure & Simple Neckdown Wrap Cardigan Yarn: Queensland Collection Kathmandu DK. I bought it on sale at Coldwater this Fall, but WEBS has it on clearance right now, there are still a few colors left. Needles: US 7's and 8's as designated in the pattern. Started: September, 2007 Completed: November 4, 2007.

Oops! I forgot my daily dose of tempation! Emily at Sophies Toes is updating today at 7:00 PM Central Time. White Oak Studios has updated with the TVyarn (LOVE the Survivor!) don't forget she includes the Swarovski Crystal stitchmarker. AND if you are on the RubySapphire email list (you can join immediately) she is offering 20% off PLUS free shipping! If you are making Christmas socks or lists check them all out!

The sweater is lovely! I was there when it was hatched!
It turned out great!! I am still stalled on the body of my KP&S cardi - I hate knitting stockinette flat.

Ha! I can resist today's temptation. :)
Absolutely lovely sweater!
Your sweater turned out really nice. I'm impressed with how quickly you knit it, too!!
The wrap cardi looks terrific! : )
Your wrap is beautiful, I love the color!
The sweater is GREAT! Almost makes me want to lose a few pounds so I could make it and look good! (almost...)
Good job! Love the yarn, too!
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