Monday, November 05, 2007

Hello Friend!

I took a walk outside this morning (seeing as the treadmill is on hiatus), and nearly froze my hands off. It was sooooo worth it. See my friend there? THAT, is a ten point buck. He walked by me twice this morning, I had to tell him to be very careful, there are a lot of cars in our neighborhood that will not be on the lookout for him. We saw him again tonight on the way home from the Teen's quarterly concert. He was standing near the entrance to our neighborhood. We stopped for a few minutes to admire his beauty. He obligingly stayed in place for quite a bit. I also saw a flock of over 40 Canadian geese flying against the wind, in V formation - I think they were trying to out pace those heavy, snow-filled clouds that came blowing through the Twin Cities today. Just as they passed, a red-tailed hawk circled over my head, searching for snacks along the path. Imagine what I would have missed had I been on a treadmill this morning!

No yarn pr0ny treats today, or even an FO to show. Tomorrow, I promise new beginnings and maybe an FO!

First: you need mitts! Second: how wonderful to read this... we so live in entirely different places in the world. The animals you've seen on your little morning stroll I only can see on National Geographic Channel!
Who needs yarn pr0n when you have that??
Lovely! Now, go knit yourself a pair of fingerless mitts so you can knit and walk at the same time. : )
How cool!

Yeah, it looks COLD out there. Time to dig out some warm stuff for my walk later.
Enabling you.
Oooooh, and to think of all those hunters that came home empty handed this weekend!

Hope that buck stays put in your neighborhood for a while!
I don't think I'd get the treadmill fixed it I were you. These nature walks look more fun and - naturey!
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