Friday, November 30, 2007

(Forehead is now down on desk.)

Well, remember how I was really excited about this guy yesterday?

Well, seems we can hardly afford to keep this guy:

Yes, I made another trip to the vet yesterday. Not just any vet, the Emergency Vet. Kona sat and watched me eat my lunch yesterday (a rotisserie chicken drumstick). He watched me throw the bone in the tall garbage can next to my desk. Last night I went to the Annual EPLA Board Meeting - for one hour. I came home and my garbage can had been tipped over, and spread out on the floor, there was no chicken bone in there. None. Guess where it was. The X-RAY showed it snapped in half in Kona's stomach. Guess what. Dogs can't digest snapped in half drumstick bones. He got to go the vet and be made to throw up.

This was all very irritating in very many ways. But the actual trip was so sad. They were very, very, busy last night. I watched a lab/pit bull mix come in after he had been hit by a car. I watched a family with two young kids come in to say goodbye to their family's Golden Retriever, when the kids ran out sobbing, I actually got see the body of their pet. I watched a poor woman my mom's age come in sobbing with her rag doll kitty, and then watched her leave after she'd said goodbye to kitty. I sat with another woman who had brought her Golden in having seizures, she also saw the body of the Golden who had been euthanized, and broke down sobbing. Seriously, one of the saddest nights ever. I was grateful to leave with my idiotic, yet realatively healthy, dog.

Next post: we return to the regularly scheduled knitting content!

oh, dear, indeed a sad night. yvonnep
Yikes. I'm glad Kona was one of the puppies that came home.
oi! Bad Kona!!!

Whenever I bring home a rotisserie chicken my dogs start wagging their tails from the smell of it. I think they love it more than we do!
Have you thought of names for that little sweetie yet. I am sorry that it was a horrible night in the emergency vet but I am sure glad that Kona is okay.
Oh dear. I'm glad Kona's okay...I wondered why you'd made that comment on Amy's blog, about her chicken recipe. Yikes.
When I started reading your post I took a deep breathe and said - he's gotta be okay, he's gotta be okay. I'm glad Kona came home, tell him to behave for a while!
Take care.
Yikes - I'm glad Kona's ok, but sorry you had to go through that last night. :(
Pets - they can cause a lot of stress and heart ache . . . but they're so darn precious, who'd go without?

Love the new snowboarding hat! Since Hockeyman got his team hat, he's abandoned all others but a hat out of Malabrigo . . . that might trump the hockey hat!
I cry just driving past *that* place. Bad boy Kona!!
I got a big lump in my throat just reading your post. It may sound dumb, but I'm thankful that when it was Teddy's time to go, we could go to the regular vet. Not that the emergency vet people aren't fine, but it wouldn't have seemed right somehow. Glad Kona could vomit the bones up--intestinal surgery is major ka-ching.
Oh my, what a sad time at the vet's. Very happy Kona is ok. Lucky for me, I have short dogs and keep my garbage up high. Though that didn't solve the problem when one of the dogs ate the TV remote...

What a darling puppy! I can't wait to see pictures of him and watch him grow up. Don't worry, the potty training goes fast. I think it actually goes quicker in the winter because the puppies get cold and want to come inside right away so they go out and get down to business. In the warmer months, they go outside, play around and forget what they went out for ... until they come back inside!
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