Friday, August 17, 2007

True Colors?

It is hard to capture the true richness of these colors - think eye of the peacock feather colors and you are closer than this photo. Easy pattern - very stretch socks.
Pattern: Anni's Spiralling Socks from Sockamania
Yarn: Wollmeise - In the Cold Polar Zone (from my friend Yvonne in Amsterdam)
Started: August 8, 2007
Finished: August 16, 2007

Now I'm going to start July's socks since I never did start them, and then I think Nagini.

Update: I got my full refund for the hockey camp and the mailbox scandal is still in full roar. Imagine the most you would pay for a roadside mailbox, and then add some and you can conclude what kind of fracas I am talking about here. Oh, and 6th grade Football has started. We are running away to the cabin again today, so I'll see you guys on Monday.

Enjoy the cabin! Love the 'peacock' socks - and the pattern. I'll have to try and get that one. Code word: Easy.
Rani is right, enjoy the cabin. You deserve it. What a mean hockey coach. And 'congrats' on the treasurer job. I'm the secretary for my kennel club, the one job I swore I'd never do!

Oooh, love the leaf cardigan. Rowan Calmer-yummy. It's going to be beautiful.
Lovely socks, speedy knit!
Oh, those are gorgeous!

As for homeowner's associations...sigh. They do a lot of of my neighbors with teens found two trees in her front yard TP'ed one morning. It was supposed to rain that night, so she left it there, figuring it was best to let it rain rather than climb up on ladders and try to drag it down. But that afternoon, she got a stern letter from the association. Good grief. Get over yourselves, people.
oh, they are so lovely... and yes, the hockey man is a no good and what is Nagini (I like the word, is that enough ;-)?
euh... no sp11 this time?
They turned out great!!! Do you have a link for Nagini? I hope you're taking wool socks to the cabin. :)
In the meantime I figured out what Nagini is...nice sock :-) i'm clearly no HP fan at all, so that's the reason for my dumb question.
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