Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This would be the "Hassock of Little Progress"

My Leaf Cardigan from Stefanie Japel at Knitty, my Bloody Mary Socks in Cherry Blossom Fibers "Raspberry Truffle" (I'm calling them my Slightly Bruised Mary Socks), and my Serpentine Socks from Anni in Spritely Goods Sylph in Evening Storm.

This is a better shot of my Serpentine socks, right before I ripped them back to the first repeat because I kept knitting the cables the wrong way! I did manage to get back to three inches last night while I watched Saving Grace and The Closer. That Evening Storm colorway is pretty appropriate to the weather we are having this week here in Minnesota.

Now, on to enabling:

Well, I have a $25 credit at the Loopy Ewe this week and I am trynig to decide whether or not I should wait for the "Sneak Up".... In the meantime, Ruby Sapphire is having a huge sale. 25% off and free shipping if you are on her mailing list - go sign up! I have been eyeing up the Mykaela for weeks - bet you can't beat me to it!

There are some new free scarf patterns and new Koigu colors up at Purlsoho.com - not to mention their sale yarn section.

Also, Carodan Farms is offering 10% off is you use this code: AUG7002 - I received the newsletter on 8/19 and it said the code was good for five days. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50. I've not ordered from them before, but I've heard good things.

Beautiful colours. Like slightly bruised Mary, but also the Dutch- summer-of-2007-sky. Do we have the same weather? It's raining again here...
Do you just abandon your family for large stretches of time to knit?? Did you LOVE the closer last night when the dad blurted out about the wedding!!
Oh, it's easy to get several projects going, isn't it? Love the sock yarn, especially the blue/gray.
LOL - love your "slightly bruised Mary" socks! Don't forget that the Serpentines are tight - I usually wear 72 stitches in fingering and I had to go to 80...
Carodan Farms is a very nice place. I got their newsletter too, but didn't even open it up....
Awesome socks, as usual.

I missed The Closer last night. Working the dance studio open house. I'll have to try and catch it next time around. LOVE that show.
GAH! I'm off to Carodan Farms! I got the newsletter, but deleted it before I read it! Naughty naughty. What would I do without you!
PS the socks look great!
Ah, but would that become the Ottoman of Good Intentions?
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