Thursday, August 09, 2007

Spiralling Socks #1

My little gifted skein of Wollmeise - yummy!

I will be working on its mate this weekend - at the cabin!

Ok, gorgeous and *wow*, that was fast!
Wow, beautiful!
Wow! Fast. And it looks wonderful too. How much more could you ask for?
Very pretty!
Just fabulous! Love the color and the pattern.

and now if I can read the word verification properly this will get posted!(am I the only one who has trouble with this?--yikes)
Lovely! Have fun at the cabin!
Have a great weekend Up North! Love the blue.

Give Kona a smooch. Ruby is currently on "1-wheel-drive". Her back knees are really bad and for two days now, her front left has been buggin' her. Tails still a-waggin'!!
Lucky! Time to knit, going to the cabin, a beautiful sock ... me, still buried in relatives!
Ideal life: cabin + knitting time. SWWWWEEEET!

Have fun!
Fast and lovely!
Love the yarn color with the pattern, looks great! I recently got some Yarn Love too, but it's for a pal; I totally wish I could keep it. Have lots of cabiny fun. : )
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