Thursday, August 23, 2007


All right, so I didn't cast on Nagini yet, but I did finish a S-s-s-s-serpentine Sock.

This is Spritely Goods Sylph and I was very pleasantly surprised at the finished item. She sure does nice work, ey?

I knit a random inch on the Slightly Bruised Mary sock, but that's pretty casual. We leave for the cabin tomorrow evening, I feel like I've become a tad repetitive. I haven't had any new sock yarn to show off for a while, though now that I think about it, there are a couple little skeins of Apple Laine I could show you.See? The Loopy never lets me down when I am in need of soft and squooshy.

Did I mention Football has started? The sports, they never end.

8/26/07 ETA: The yarn colorway is "Hey Baby".

The sock pattern is Serpentine from the Sockamania Club Knitalong.

The sock blockers were from ebay - but Scout carries the same blockers (same company).

Most of my "cabin" knitting is done in the car on the way there and home.

Tomorrow I promise you yarn pron and an FO!

Your Serpentine looks great! Have a great time at the cabin.

Really, I think all of us are feeling kind of the same way - dull days in blogland...
Those socks/that yarn...they are quite beautiful. I am amazed at how fast you knit!
I like your Serpentine, the yarn's very pretty and doesn't compete with the cables. Enjoy the cabin. : )
Which Apple Laine colorway is that? I just finished a pair of socks in Army Surplus and they are so silky!
Such a pretty sock. We'll expect another FO after the cabin stay? Or no? I always wonder how much knitting time there actually is at a cabin trip. After camping last weekend, I realized how much work Mom has to do to make it work. Whew!

Football, too, huh. Hockeyboy only does boxing on the side. For which I'm supremely, divinely happy!
Nice work on the Serpentine! Where did you find that adorable acorn sock blocker???

Have fun at the cabin!
Great socks! Where did you get the pattern?
Gee, the soft and squooshy looks soft and has such nice colours!
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