Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'd say someone who hadn't posted for a week was being a tad lazy. But, you see, I have this condition....I can't stand to watch something being done when I just know I could do a better job of it. Ummm, like be the Treasurer for an Athletic Association? Yea, I know, I'm mad, just bonkers, but I really am doing a better job of it, especially considering we had NO ONE doing it for eight months. Just, well, our year end is September 30 and I have been tinkering with Quicken like a crazy person to get those Cash Flow sheets to look right, filing bank statements in notebooks with little plastic pockets for all the expense receipts. Did I mention that I volunteer? Well, no wonder that the knitting progress looks like this:Is that shot a little blurry? It is a little late, maybe it's just my eyes...I really should go to bed. That's my lovely sock needle case from the Loopy Ewe, my pair and half of Spiralling Socks and my Leaf Cardigan which is progressing nicely and will be car knitting again this weekend. My iPod video which has been showing me all the past seasons of The Closer. Yay! I love finding shows I love that have several seasons available to watch all in a bunch!

I was going to steal Annie's idea and do a bullet Wednesday, but then it went and turned into Thursday. I suppose I could make it kind of original and do a bullet Thursday? How about a semi-bullet Thursday? An SBT? How about an Enabling SBT?

Guess the dearth of knitting time is not so surprising. Really, I should go to bed.

OMG! That's a job you've been doing. And nice symphony in lavenderblue on the 'hassock'.
Methinks you knit really fast and such lovely stuff!

Good luck with the volunteer job!
You are always so busy, I can't believe how much you get done. UGH - that sucks about the hockey clinic. The jerk!
* A fracas over mailboxes? Seriously?
* I obviously need to sign up for more mailing lists. But then, maybe not...I don't need more yarn
* The guy (wanted to use a different word, but...) at the hockey clinic should not be in a position of authority over anyone, much less kids of PeeWee hickey age. What a jerk. (Once again, wanted to use a different word.)
Neighborhood associations should be banned in most cases. The worst offenders are the people on them. I have heard horror stories. But I can go one worse, the local historical society is commonly known as the hysterical society. My LYS wants to put an awning on the building and a screen door. They would be period appropriate and she has the photos to back her up that they were on the building around 1920. They turned her down.

And that person should be reported to everyone you can. The field of youth sports is being treated like it is a pro team everywhere. The kids care more about playing than anything, I think I have something that will cheer Puck up. I will have to round everything up and send it to you.
All the knitting looks great!

Have a great weekend!
Oh my goodness. What a complete jackass that guy is!! Some people just should not live out in society.

I'm on my own yarn diet now and that EL yarn sale at Webs is sorely, sorely tempting me. I'm trying to be strong like you were!
STUPID HOCKEY COACH! GAH! That makes me mad. Come on. It's KID hockey. Evil evil man.

Can't wait for sock club to start! WHOO HOOOO!
Let me know who the organizer is. I know we'll avoid his camp. Imagine telling a young teenager, whose already probably dealing with the usual insecurities, a load of *@#+ like that.

Hockeyboy gets enough of that from the other players - grrrr!
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