Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lazy. That's me.

I have been lax in reporting the little trinkets and goodies that have dropped into my mailbox in the last few weeks.

I participated in an International Notions Bag Exchange and I won a little contest and the Hostess sent me these adorable little trinkets - a photo bookmark and a little fridge magnet frame. Very cute - thanks Patty!

I also won a drawing for Best Pal from the SP10 Swap and my hostess sent me two sock patterns and some adorable stitchmarkers from her shop. Graphicdesignchick.etsy.com

Aren't these great? So tiny and perfect! Thank you again Robyn!! LOVE the coconut earrings, LOVE!

My swap partner from SP9 - Yvonne - had me do a little US shopping for her earlier this year and she sent me a little goodie bag with most coveted of all - Wollmeise!! This color is called "In the Cold Polar Zone"! It's already a yarncake and cast on for Spiralling Socks for Sockamania.

Remember last week when the LE updated and I sighed about my lack of willpower? Well, look what it brought to me? I have no idea what to make, but it is so silky and squooshy....

Yea, there was some sock yarn involved too, but we'll talk about that later.
This is my current purple project. The Cardigan with Leaf Ties from Knitty. Wow. What a pleasure this Rowan Calmer is to knit with. I have an inkling it will get a halo pretty quickly though. Mostly because I can't quit petting it.

Coming tomorrow: Sock yarn and excellent customer service!!

Now I have to go take Puck to hockey camp and pick up paint supplies from Menard's!

What lovely goodies! You are right about the Calmer...it's not the best wearing yarn I have run into, but it does OK. But it's so lovely to knit with! That's going to be a lovely cardigan. For you this time?
Wow, you have been spoiled! Great you like the Wollmeise Polar. Is that sock the same as the sock of this group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sockamaniac_sockalong/.
I'm busy with this orbit thing.
Did Puck have a nice birthday?
Ooh, that Wollmeise is fabulous!
Wow, lucky lucky you!!
Wow,what great colors. Of course, I'm a blues lady.
Coconut earrings??? They sound perfect for those days when you are wondering if you are nuts. And the yarns look wonderful. And since you are now in a yarn mode again, I have some Opal to spare if you want to see it......
Lots of yummy stuff to look at! Loads of potential there!
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