Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Promised You Sock Yarn and Custumer Service...

First, sock yarn:

Some Yarn Love and Gypsy Knits from The Loopy Ewe. Looks like I am heading into a storm of socks! Speaking of socks; I joined Sockapamania in July, but never even cast on the Serpentine socks. So here is my first pair of Sockapamania socks - the Spiralling Sock. Recognize the Wollmeise?

Customer Service:

I read a review of the Sox Stix over at Knitter's Review and they had a contact name from Customer Service. Back in April, I purchased two sets of these needles - I love the size - but while we were in New Mexico - three of these needles snapped in half! Well yesterday I got a box from Lantern Moon with a whole new set! Let's hope I can manage a few pairs of socks with these needles before I snap 'em in half! I do love good Customer Service!

Well, I'm off to Ravelry to add some sock patterns to my queue.

You do pick out the prettiest sock yarn...
Lovely Wollmeise colorway!

We just received our batch of Wollmeise last night-- and I washed the skeins. The did soften up a good deal.

Any ready opinions yet?
I have had the same problem with my Lantern Moon needles - both these and the regular ebony needles in the sock sizing. They were absolutely wonderful to deal with, but I've still had problems with breaking, so I'm forcing myself to stop buying these needles in such a small size - I just don't think the wood can handle the pressure of knitting at such a small diameter. I will continue to support Lantern Moon's products, though!
I'm glad to hear Lantern Moon has good customer service. I love their stuff.
Try the hiya hiya bamboos - sharp, I mean sharp, points and flexible. I lóve them! Hope you like the Wollmeise - it softens up after washing indeed.
I have bought Lantern Moon dpns before and had them break. They were great about replacing them as well but after the replacements broke, I switched back to my Brittanys. I have used my 0s for years and only broken 2 total.
I tend to snap all wood/bamboo dpns in small sizes. Broke a sz 1 just this week. Give me metal and magic loop every time.
That Ravelry queue button is dangerous!
First you are knitting socks like crazy and making other's Pathetic Pink Sock look even worse. Now, you're moving onto sweaters at a pace to kill a horse. If this is the result of lacrosse practices, I am making my daughters take it up. Just kidding - are you knitting these up for yourself? I like the look of the Wool of the Andes as well so it will be nice to hear updates about how it wears. Bye!
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