Friday, August 03, 2007

FO's seemed a little frivolous yesterday.

However, today, I am heading out of town and I didn't want to leave an non-updated blog behind.
(Puck's 11th birthday party this weekend, five 11 year olds, three adults and the teenager at the cabin.)

Banff from Knitty. 10 Skeins of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Cranberry. This is going to be my favorite Winter sweater for weekend laying about. (So, seriously, at the current price $20 for this sweater). I like the yarn, we'll have to see how it wears. In the meantime, I will be ordering quite a bit more.

I started this last September, made a brave effort in January to finish, but finally just pulled out the sleeves and gutted it out this last month.

So now? We pull out the purple for the next Project Spectrum projects!

Nice work. Very pretty and looks very wearable.h
Totally gorgeous; love the color and pattern. Good job!
5 11-year-olds...{{shiver}} Hope the weather's good!!!
Have a nice weekend with your birthday Puck! And this sure is a winter sweater.
Beautiful sweater! Have a good time this weekend.
Oh, it looks so cozy! Good luck this weekend - sounds like it will be intense. :)
Banff does look like a great weekend snuggle sweater.
Happy Birthday to Puck! And good luck to you!
Warm and cozy, plus the red is fantastic! : )
Wow that sweater is beautiful. I have wanted to make it for a long time I may just have to do it.
Your sweater is great. Looks like I have another yarn to try from Knit Picks.
Great sweater - perfect for the weekend!
The sweater turned out very nicely! I love that color.

The Wool of the Andes wears pretty well, but it does tend to get a bit pilly. I've noticed it more with the tweedy colors, so that may be a function of the color blending. Not sure.

Have fun at the cabin. Five 11 year olds... scary.
Great sweater! My mom uses the Wool of the Andes all the time - it is a nice price. Did you use the regular or the bulky? I noticed the gauge for the sweater was 3.5/inch.
Good luck with the crew!
Lovely sweater!

Happy birthday to Puck! Good luck with that party:-)
Happy Birthday to Puck. Hope everyone has a great time at the party/cabin.
The sweater is gorgeous and the colour is fantastic!
Congratulations! What an accomplishment! And I hope the birthday was a blast!!!

Did you join the Woolgirl sock club?!!??!!?
What a gorgeous color! I'll bet you'll look glorious this fall.

Re: your comment on my blog - Oh, man, isn't hockey gear expensive. We aren't breaking things here, just outgrowing them. Hope you found some bargains before hockey camp! Or told him they were his birthday gifts ;-D
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