Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Exactly Did I Do During My Yarn Diet?

You may well ask. Before I show you the proof of my Coldwater extravaganza, shall we list out the completed projects? Okay.

1. Roza's Socks from IK out of Yarntini
2. 1/2 of a pair of socks made from Lorna's Laces (this is my only single sock project).
3. Vesper Socks in the Crew colorway in the Mad Weave pattern
5. Charade Socks
6. STR Monsoon socks
7. Camisa
8. Cider Moon Socks
9. 1/2 Eyelet Cardigan(I'm on the sleeves)
10. Peppercorn Blend Socks
11. Sunkist Cardi
12. 1/3 Arches & Columns Scarf
13. Eleanor Socks

That's seven and a half skeins of sock yarn, 8 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca, 5 skeins of Auraucania Cotton, 8 skeins of Bam Boo and 4 skeins of Andes Wool and one skein of lace yarn. Thirty three and half skeins - hmm - doesn't quite make up for this, does it?

14 skeins of this:
Queensland Lama Seta, mmm, it's silk and alpaca, and it was 30% OFF!!

This is the Kathmandu DK, ummm, silk, cashmere and merino? (Also, 30% off!) What can I say, somewhere there is a place for people like me. Just not sure what it's called. I now have 14 of those. Doesn't it look like cotton candy?

And, 7 of these blue babies - manos del uruguay. They were also 30% off - I could justify all of these only if I put myself back into purgatory for another 45 days - it may happen - only after my Loopy Ewe order gets here. I could not say no to the Wollmeise!!! (There are definitely gifts involved in this box.)

In real life business, I an now thoroughly crisped by the sun, 31 games of Lacrosse later...The tournament was a great success! The two EP 5/6 teams took 1st and 2nd place. The High School Sumer team (grades 10-12) defeated Eagan for their league Championship with the Teenager scoring the final goal of the game!!! Now this week is the big leadup to the Summer Lacrosse Finale - Puck is part of a Select 5/6 team that has entered a big tournament in Stillwater - the St. Croix Shootout. He has a team party on Monday and practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. EP has their first game at 10 am next Saturday. Leagues put together all of their best players to compete in this tournament - so we're really hoping for a good showing. There is no knitting during Lacrosse games - way too much jumping up and shouting - so much of my knitting business will be done during the week.

However, I also did some serious damage to my ankle this weekend. Something to do with all that running around I was doing. All I know was I took a couple of running steps and something in my ankle went pop. Not serious enough to warrant a visit to the ER, but I will be calling my doctor in the morning because there is no way I can handle the treadmill, and that's a problem.

And that, my friends, is that.

Doesn't sockyarn, because of its weight, count double? Then you have used 41 skeins :-). So your beautiful new buys are quite in balance. By the way, I just returned from the post office and something is on its way to you. With priority. :-)
Woohoo, EP Lacrosse! Sounds like a fun and exciting weekend.

As far as the ankle, I suggest rubbing large quantities of merino, silk, alpaca, with a sprinkling of hand-dyed loveliness all over it. The healing properties of yarn is probably an old wives tale but it can't hurt ;-D.

BTW, I was at Coldwater, right at 8 am. Spent more than I planned by 8:30 and headed down to Lake Minnetonka to snap some photos of Gnorm. Sorry I missed you guys.
I think we heard that "pop" over here! Sorry to hear about your sports injury - rest and and raise it! Gongrats to you LaCrosee dudes and cheers to all this weekend!
I'm totally impressed with all the knitting you did while on your yarn diet! Very nice.
31 games of lacrosse?! Dang. Sorry to hear about your ankle. I can completely understand about the Wollmeise...
So, how much was the Wollmeise selling for over at Loopy Ewe? I can't wait to see what colors you got!
That's quite the haul. I never did get to the sale this weekend...
I hope you ankle is feeling better soon. Just think of the knitting that you can get done while resting your ankle. ;)

And you are nuts to think of going on a fiber diet again. So what are you planning on making with your Manos? Curious minds want to know.....
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