Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wanna See My Notions Bag?

I love this little bag...It's going off to a swap pal tomorrow, but I am totally buying some more fabric to make a couple of these for myself. Easy peasy - love it! (It's stuffed with stuff too, yarny stuff even.)
Look - I even did a pretty zipper!
Eyelet cardi sleeves - off the needle tonight. Tomorrow we'll go buy some floss for finishing then we'll have the Banff and the Eyelet Cardi. In the meantime, I am three inches into the second snake sock.

Heh - check out Lime 'n Violet's Chore Wars - a gothy game!

Puck and I went to see The Transformers today - and for rockin' cartoon adventures - it kind of ruled! I have to admit, as a mom of two boys, I have a soft spot for the Transformers; there were many a weekday morning spent watching Optimus Prime and Megatron and his Deceptacons on TV. However - the teenage love (Megan Fox) interest in this movie was way too hot for even Puck to watch. He covered his eyes whenever she was on the screen with the teenaged boy character (Shia LeBeouf - seriously I think his last name means "the beef"?) But all in all - we both ruled the movie Excellent!

You seriously made that bag?! WOW - it is very, very cool.
"Girl mom" - we're waiting for the cousins to arrive to go see "Hairspray"! Great bag. I see an etsy shop coming soon.....
What was the fear about- nice sewing work!

Transformers: my brother watched the show all the time (cartoon)-- I haven't seen the film, but I'm kinda interested in doing so... :)

I really, truly doubt you watch the show; but... "So You Think You Can Dance" (Fox reality show- yes, I usually wisper that I'm a fan and it's my favorite summer show) had a great routine by Shane Sparks last night where whe started/ended the piece using the dancers as a mechanical moon-like vehicle. They 'transformed' into dancers, then back-- cool movement.

I feel like I've revealed too much...
Your sewing skills are great. I hate putting in zippers so you have me bet. I would love to see your pattern for that bag. I need more bags. Actually I need to clean up my sewing room so I can put a cutting table int here.
That is a great looking bag. How kind of you to be giving it away. My eyelet cardi is on a break, so see...I may have started first, but you are going to finish first.
Do your talents ever end!?
Great looking bag...good job!
Very cute bag!
Kinda hard to bag enable you when you're making such cute bags...
That bag is darling!
Oh no, another bag for my growing collection. Where'd ya get the pattern?

I've lucked out on the boy movies. Hockeyboy has great friends who can go with him and I can go see kids flicks or chick flicks instead.

BTW, HB says he was disappointed by the movie, too, but still thought it worthwhile to own. He's anxiously awaiting his copy of the last book and the next movie. As well as the next Narnia movie. I've got a serious fantasy fan on my hands.
I hosted the notions bag swap so you'd better give on the pattern lady! Seriously, it looks like one you buy in the store - totally awesome. You rock! I'd really like to try making this share with us all!
The bag is so cute! I love the fabric.
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