Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Peppermint BonBon & Wollmeise

I finished my first Carolina sock in the Yarn Ahoy - as I knit it reminds me of Peppermint BonBon ice cream, but now that it's done I'm not sure what is reminds me of. A snake? Anyway, I'm four inches into the second sock, but I'm not wild about this pair. The pattern is really easy, though.

My Loopy Ewe Wollmeise order came yesterday. So, so beautiful.

With the overcast sky yesterday, I managed to capture these colors pretty accurately on my computer screen. I'm excited to knit with this yarn, the texture is different from anything else I have in my stash. It almost looks like a cotton.

I've caved and made a doctor appointment to get the foot checked out tomorrow, but it's actually starting to feel better today. I don't have an aversion to doctors, I have an aversion to wasting time in doctor's waiting rooms.

I am sewing a notions bag for a Notions Swap I joined over here. I've got to have it ready to ship out by the end of the week. My sewing skills are quite rusty so wish me luck.

I consider waiting room time prime knitting time. Especially if they're running behind schedule. Guess if you're served lemons, make lemonade?

Prayers for a quick healing wafting your way!
Ok... I really like your snake socks! What pattern is it? (Looks great with verigated yarns).

*AND* you received Wollmeise before we did!!! Deepa requested the sea-boat shipping, a savings of approx. $20. What do you think? Thickness? Sproingy-ness? I've got to ask- what did you pay via Loopy Ewe?
Oh! The Wollmeise is very pretty! I can't wait to see what you do with them.
*Luck* on both the doctor's appointment and the sewing. Lovely yarn and sock. See - your luck was good there!!
The Wollmeise is gorgeous! Wasting time in the waiting room? But... wouldn't you be knitting? ;)
The Wollmeise is gorgeous!! I can't wait until ours gets here so I can see it in person!
Hope your foot is not too serious and heals quickly.

I have to chime in with everyone else, the Wollmeise is so lovely!

Your Camisa is great.

When you said you went shopping at Coldwater, for some reason I was thinking Coldwater Creek. Whoa! So much yarn. I didn't know this store even existed. Very nice.
Hey, you said you didn't get Wollmeise!!! Well, you better wait for an icecold Polar Zone...because you should always put ice on things with feet and ankles (did you put ice on it?). Be careful. Most injuries seem to disappear when you make a doctor's appointment. Don't believe it. Take your knitting and go.
Since when is waiting room time wasted time? Did I miss the memo? I thought that was when we smile smugly and whip out our knitting.

Beautiful yarns you got there.
Wow -regarding your last blog - Look at all that stuff you got done! Doesn't that feel good?!?

Love the new yarn - Can't wait to see what magic you make with those.
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