Thursday, July 12, 2007

Meet Eleanor:

This is my C*eye*ber Fiber Project Spectrum sock. I love working with red, really wish the grey was not the second color. I know it's supposed to be silver - but it's just grey. Easy, fast pattern - I've started the cuff already.

Have you seen the new Socktopia patterns? Bellatrix and Fawkes? They are both on the top of my pile to knit. (New Harry Potter movie by the way? Rocks.) I also stumbled across another new sock pattern called Sprung Socks - very pretty (check out the sidebar at The Keyboard Biologist). See!!!??? I don't just enable yarn buying!!! I enable yarn using!

(Three more days...)

I'm going to get one more post in before we head off to pick up the Teenager at Inline Skate Camp and head to the cabin for the weekend. Next week: Yarn Diet ends and we begin the terror of Driver's Ed!!!

Have a great weekend. Thanks so much for the pattern links! How fun. I am a huge HP fan as are my kids. These patterns are really cool!

You may have given me this one, also - it's called Horcrux sock pattern and it has a little lightning bolt pattern. It's a PDF, think. Let me know if it doesn't work or try to google Horcrux sock pattern.
Oops. That last comment was from me under my secret Hogwarts sock swap name. Tee hee hee
Believe me, the terror driver's ed is nothing compared to the terror that is a 16-yo with a license.
Oh, thanks for the Socktopia pattern links - nice!
Ahhhh! Not the dreaded drivers ed!!! Yup, we're almost there, too, although you'll never get the DH to admit to it. He's totally in denial.

I agree about the grey in the sock. Kind of dulls the red down, doesn't it. But it's still lovely.

Okay, like I need any enabling but where'd the sock blockers come from? I'm still looking for anniversary ideas for the DH.
You sure enable yarn using - one more day, one more day....
(and what is Driver's Ed?)
The yarn diet ends and drivers ed all in the same week. Now that's scarey.

The red and gray socks are lovely. I really like the Eleanor pattern. I have some sock yarn that would be perfect for that pattern...if I ever finish the green cardigan.
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