Monday, July 09, 2007

Hi Honey, I'm Home!
(pssst! I'm goin' back on Friday...)

This is what I love about knitting with dpn's. I love how the beginning of a sock looks, and that I know what to do with the little sticks. It feels like I'm doing something really cool and mysterious! Then we get to see our pretty multi-colored yarncakes make up into workmanlike items.

Soooooo...I was gone a week and I got 1/2 of the back of my Eyelet Cardi done. Hmmm, sounds like a little bit of extra water time for me! I did start the Eleanora sock this morning, after working on the right side of the cardi for a while.

I did return to many, many vendor emails. Wanna know who(m)?

Pick Up Sticks - but their sale ended on the 6th. Sorry. However, she is now sending Free droplet stitch markers along with free shipping on $70 orders.

Through the end of today, Ruby Sapphire has 20% off and free shipping.

Spritely Goods has handed Handmaiden Sea Silk and the new Amy Butler Soak sent. (A couple pairs of my socks are in her gallery as well!) has added TONS of new yarns. (Six more days folks!) Cherry Blossom Fibers, Curious Creek Fibers, Moonlight Knitter Row Counter Bracelets, Traveling Knitter "Hold My Socks", Wee-ones Woolgirl Stitch Markers, White Oak Studio (new colors), Woolarina, and Yarnahoy.

The Yarn Nerd has 15% off all yarn until Friday.

Holy cow!

Secret Pal 10

So I got an email card from my Pal, but I still don't know who she is! Hello!!! Are you out there? Please introduce yourself so I can thank you for all the wonderful gift certificates (and the yummy smelling package!)

I also won the Best Pal drawing, woo hoo! Prizes! Megan - did you nominate me? Thanks!

Oh, sure, rub my face in the fact that I can't manage those little sticks.
I think it looks like a crabby porcupine when I try using dpns for socks. And that porcupine REALLY has it in for me.
And if you spoiled Megan like you spoiled me, you certainly did earn this!
Your prize is going out in the mail this weekend - but I'm sending you over a virtual prize right now!

SP10 Hostess Robyn
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