Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I got my package from my International Notions Bag Exchange Pal today! Woot! There is a really cute little lined cotton zip bag (done very well!), Some Tofutsies, a cute sheepie card, a wee crochet hook and little heart rings, a foldable scissors and a sock needle holder and my favorite, a piggie tape measure (spider pig, spider pig...) and a magnet of the state of Iowa! Above and beyond!!! Thank you so much Antoinette! (http://oneblond.blogspot.com).

Did anyone else find themselves unable to stay away from the Loopy Ewe's sneak up last night?
At least it wasn't ALL sock yarn.

Stay tuned.

Also? Hate. Seaming.

That's why I knit things in one piece, even when it requires thought on my part to do so.

That's a great swap package you got. Lucky girl!
Oh, wonderful goodies! I hate seaming, too - Jeanne and I follow the same philosophy. :)
Um - Iowa? International? Am I missing something? Did they for their own country or move? I mean, great package and all but, Iowa is still part of the US right?
The Iowa comment makes me snigger. I grew up in IA and when we moved to California for 6 months in my Freshman year, a kid asked me where I was from. I flippantly replied, "Why, I'm an Iowaynian."

Dumb look and question, "What country is that in?"

My reply, "No, I'm from Iowa. I was just being silly. We're really called Iowans."

Reply, "Really, what country is that?"

Honest to goodness true story!

Great package of goodies. Should we have a Tofutsie mini KAL? I've been eyeing the skein I have with a twinkle.
Glad everyone is such a fan of Iowa. Sometimes people think we are international as no one really knows where the state is... ;)

Glad you liked you goodies!
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