Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eyelet Cardi!

I love this FO! The pieces were very easy to knit, but I really hate seaming. I skipped the buttons and buttonholes and used a pretty little retro pin to close it at the top.

ETA: The yarn I used is Elizabeth Austen Andes Wool and the colorway is Bubblegum-Sunshine I found it online here on ebay. Seeing as I only used three and 1/4 skeins, it was relatively cheap. I would definitely stash some more of this yarn.

At this rate I will have another FO tomorrow! Am I rockin' or not? I'm all done seaming the Banff, now I just need to pick up and knit the neck. Now, if only I can avoid the mad remodeller who is painting Puck's bedroom and bathroom.

I also am on page 227 in the HP7 book, so far, so good: if I can just keep the local 10 year olds from spoiling the book for me, sheesh!

Yumm to the cardi. Loving the pinkiness.

SO happy to meet another craft MN knitter!
It's lovely.
Oh, that's lovely! I like the idea of closing it with a pretty pin instead of messing with buttons.

On a side note, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and accounted for tonight.
This is so pretty!
Very pretty! Please remind me of the yarn you used? Thanks!
I won't give you any spoilers to HP, but let us know when you're done!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink sweater. I think, though, that I may hire someone to do seaming for me. I don't have that patience. It really is stunning! I want one!
Beautiful! I love it.
Beautiful! Good call on the pins vs. buttons. I may have to do the same.
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