Monday, July 02, 2007


These are the Cable Twist Socks pattern found at (free!!!)

The yarn is Cider Moon Glacier in Silver Pine. They knit up very quickly on size 3's. (Not free, but currently on sale!)

I have now officially knit 4.5 miles of sock yarn. Phew. I still think I could have done more, but I'm satisfied with that number. Now I just have to try not to add that many miles back in on July 16.

Now, for those of you who are harrassing me about the yarn weight I'm going to put on after July 15 - there is a list. Not too long, really, but a list.

1. Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino
2. Cider Moon's Flurry (Kansas and Apple Crisp)
3. More Blue Sky to make the Zip Cardigan
(oh, and I kinda liked the hemp yarn that Grumperina flashed last weekend.)

The boys (big, small and canine) and I are heading out for a long week at the cabin, so I will be mostly off the Internet until 7/9 - I've got to start planning the knitting packing. The Eyelet cardi will go, along with a new pair of socks (or two), and maybe I'll even pull the Banff out from it's long nap.

An when I return - 6! Count 'em - 6 more days!!! Bwa hahahaha!

You must be a fast knitter! I'm faster at purchasing than knitting. :0
Oh the diet is almost over. You have been a busy knitter! Way to be. The cardi looks great, as do the socks.
That's another great sock. Your list of "must buy" yarn is very restrained.
More great socks! How fast DO you knit? Have a great time at the cabin!
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