Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I'll be here. See you in a week or so!

Have fun!
That looks lovely. Jealous.
Have a great week!
oh gosh... jealous. yes.
Hi! I popped over here from Moriae's blog :) I'm her HSP pal Jenny and when I saw your name I just HAD to ask, is that how it's spelled on your birth certificate?! When I was in high school I spelled mine "Ginaphur" just changing every possible letter possible.... ah kids, right :)
Enjoy!!! And knit to your heart's content!!
Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Are you going to put the zipper in the Zip Cardigan? You'll have to give a tutorial. I can knit but I sure can't sew.
Hey friend! Hope you're having fun. Have you seen this??


You DEFINITELY deserve the honor. :)
Fun!!! Enjoy!
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