Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Aaaaaah! This just feels so much better.....

Welcome to my stash, 1500 yards of Ultra Alpaca. Mmmmmm. Perhaps A Cardigan for Arwen? As a matter of fact, it felt so good that I was inspired.

Banff is blocking:
Camisa got crocheted:
Carolina, Last Queen of Naples grew a couple inches:
I even finished another part of the Eyelet Cardigan - no photos yet.

There is yarn coming from Webs in a week or so, but I really am progressing slowly. I am hoping to nab some Wollmeise when Sheri updates in a day or so, and I wouldn't mind a little Knitpicks order as well, but I may wait until the end of the month for the KP. However, all bets are off when I head over to Coldwater on Thursday for the sidewalk sale. I did some serious damage last year at their sale.

You can order Wollmeise directly with Claudia, she has very reasonable shipping costs and then you can choose from all the colours: http://www.rohrspatzundwollmeise.de/flash_content/rohrspatzundwollmeise.html
From that winter IK I love the Nantucket Jacket. I want to learn to knit that good so that I dare to start it...
You can just see how soft that alpaca is! And your sweaters are looking very bright and pretty.

About adding to the stash; I wonder how many knitters start to feel overwhelmed by the backup of yarn waiting to be knitted? Speaking from personal experience, of course!
SIDEWALK SALE WHOO HOOO! We could be there at the same time and wouldn't know it! I'm curious if the Noro yarn will be on sale so I can start a'knittin' my Christmas gifts.

I can't believe all the progress/projects! WOW! Have fun with all the new, lovely yarn.

And thanks for the Rockin' award! HOW FUN!
I'm looking forward to seeing the "damage." ;)

You have been cranking out the knitting, too!
Oh my, I guess I need to head over to Coldwater, too. Got some cash burning a hole in the pocketbook.
The Ultra Alpaca looks very yummy. I can't wait to see what else makes it's way into your stash.
Did you say SIDEWALK SALE!?!?!

Let's see, if I get done at the site downtown a bit early and I take care of Mom's groceries today and........ I just might make it!

Besides I need more yarn. Bert tried to eat my sock yarn this morning at 4am and cried as the yarn reappeared in a new form - ICK!
See you tomorrow! Let's pick a time.
You missed the Wollmeise. As did I. Sometimes I swear the shop updates are biased towards the unworking. Or unsleeping. Or which I am neither.
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