Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Progress is Slow

I have come to the realization that I am likely NOT going to make my 7 mile goal for the Sock Marathon. I am trying to stash bust other yarns, and in order to hit that goal I would have to knit socks and only socks for the next 32 days. (Coincidentally, the Marathon ends on the same day as my Yarn Diet). I have a feeling that a more realistic goal is going to be 5 miles. I'm currently at 4.4 miles. So there it is, realistic goal revision.

The good news is that I am about to pick up the sleeves on my Sunkist Cardi. This has been a great stashbusting pattern. She has quite a few free patterns on her website at Through the Loops.

Above is my Spritely Goods Peppercorn Blend Sock. I am using a stitch pattern from More Sensational Socks. I promise a better photo of the pattern later (and the pattern name, for that matter).

So, did you catch the fact that I have only 32 days remaining in my Yarn Diet? The Loopy Ewe did a Sneak Up last night and I have to say that I am really wishing for some of that Misty Mountain Farm. They really have lovely muted colors. Yum. Hide a few for me Sheri!

Also, keep an eye on the Sweet Sheep if you are wishing for some Yarntini Variegated. LOVE the Yarntini - especially when she works in the Tencel blends.

Well, I'm off to taxi my kids on their appointed rounds.

Ooh, that peppercorn looks good, a little different.
That peppercorn is gorgeous. Taxi-ing, was this really the life we planned so many years ago??
bisbis for the peppercorn. And I love the sunkist.
No sense in stressing about sock marathons during summer. If your calendar looks anything like mine, 5 miles is plenty!

Love the Peppercorn socks. What a great color combo.
Zal ik je eens wat vertellen? Het Nederlands is een taal die veel meer woorden gebruikt dan het Engels!

You know? Dutch is a language that uses more words than English.

So, the Dutch and the English text on my blog are the same.
I can't believe how little knitting I got done on my vacation...

Woolgirl's going to be carrying Yarntini in July...
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