Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Object: Stashbusting

Exhibit A: Peppercorn Blend sock yarn and More Sensational Knitted Socks.

Somewhere in there is the pattern for this sock yarn. It shall go exploring with me to the cabin this weekend.

Exhibit B: The Sunkist Cardi - which has been cast on tonight - I anticipate quick completion. The yarn is Auracania that I bought in a stash reduction from this lady. I've never met her, but I love her blog and her book. Right after she sent her first book off to the publisher, she posted about unloading some of the extra yarn - I raised my hand rather quickly. This stuff tangles on the skein like nobodies' business.
Exhibit C: Blue Sky Alpacas Eyelet Cardi - to be knit out of the sherbert appearing yarn above that has been marinating in my stash for well over a year. I nabbed it on sale at a LYS.

Exhibit D: This is the green Malabrigo (yummm) that Puck chose for his knitted item from Mom. This needs to be a hat sometime before next snowboard season.
Exhibit E: Rowan Calmer which I also purchased last Fall at 40% off at another LYS. The French Girl pattern that I ordered to go with this yarn was never released. I think it will look very sweet in this cardi from Stephanie Japel and Knitty.

The Purple Rain scarf is still on the desk in front of me and tomorrow I shall have another FO to show you (the dragonfly socks flew off the needles tonight). I also went to Yarnzilla today and I purchased a pair of Addis (size 10) and Rowan Number 41, as I am all about the stashbusting!!

38 days left on Thursday. Somebody asked me what I was going to do on day zero - go on a yarn binge? Actually, There is a sweater in IK Spring that I want to knit very badly and there is nothing in my stash that is appropriate. I keep finding yarn that I love, figuring out the yardage, and putting it into my shopping basket. Then, my fine friends, I click the little X and close the window. Sigh.

On a sporting note - Anaheim wins the Stanley Cup. It was a heated debate on who should win this matchup over here at Chez Stairs. Much quacking and trash talking was going on at my house.

Thursday night Puck's Lacrosse team faces the Minneapolis team. (gulp)

Hey Rani - the Skippers are our Lacrosse nemesis. Our main competition in the Youth arena.


Hey, you, Jeanne, and I should have an eyelet cardi knitalong. :)
Wait - me too!! Can I have a knit-a-long too. I think I h ave sosme Calmer in my stash. Or else I'll get some. Or I'll find something else. Please, please, can I play??
I was going to suggest a knitalong, but I see Chris already has. It might take something like that to get me going. We had better let Deb play along too. You have quite an impressive list of projects there.
Love the idea for the Calmer. I've got a bunch in my stash, wonder if it's enough for that pattern...
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