Friday, June 01, 2007

Mini Goals

So on Tuesday I set out a little list of goals for the week, I'm pretty excited because I can say I got them all done!

I finished the back of the Bam Boo mess on Tuesday. I finished up 1/2 of the the Dragonfly socks last night (I KNOW! It looks very Monkey-ish - really easy pattern). Also? I buttoned up the Flair! It is now in my closet waiting for the humidity to subside so I can actually wear it. ETA: Sorry! I knit this out of Blue Sky Cotton (LOVE), I cast it on the needles on day 80 of my fast and today is 44 so, I had to wait for buttons, but the knitting part of this was finished by day 65 of the fast - so knitting it actually took about two weeks, interspersed with lots of socks, a purple lace scarf and the Bam Boo Mess. When this diet is over, I plan on knitting with a lot of Blue Sky yarn 'cause my stash is crying for some more.

Goals for the Weekend:
Hmm? Socks or Bam Boo? Let's start with trying to finish the front of the Bam Boo Mess - we'll get that stuff out of the stash so I can cast on my Sunkist Cardi in my Patagonia (the brick orange stuff in the photo last Friday. We'll cast on the other Dragonfly sock as well.)

44 days people, that means that I can't take advantage of this:

20% off Sale

Free Shipping (US and Canada) and 20% off all items except club memberships. Just mention "mailing list" when purchasing and we will send you an updated total. Sale Lasts thru June 4th.

(hehehe - thought you'd escaped the Enabling, didn't you!)

Socks look great in that the cardigan. What's the yarn?
What a great sweater! Oh, I bit it feels just wonderful in the Blue Sky Cotton.
Gee, you are busy! Flair is great, and yes, those dragonfly fly off your needles.
The socks look great, and Flair is lovely! The buttons just bring the whole thing together!
Lovely sweater and socks that match it would seem!
Both the sweater and the socks are lovely!

I do have some concerns about the BSA yarn - I knit a sweater last year with some organic colorgrown cotton, not the BSA stuff but similar, and it shrunk a ton when it was washed, even just in the washer on cold water, no dryer. If I were you, I might want to wash a swatch of that yarn before washing the sweater, just in case.

And I hope I haven't freaked you out with that comment, I'd just hate to see that lovely sweater messed up.
Flair looks great, love the color. : )
Love your Flair! So pretty. The sock is great also. I am admiring your diet resolve. That Blue Sky Cotton is wonderful.

Good luck on your weekend goals. Mine is just to get my house clean this morning yet here I am reading blogs - way more fun than cleaning house.
Wow, my head is spinning with all the progress. Maybe I need to start making lists. Love the Dragonfly socks. The yarn is gorgeous.
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