Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Mess is OFF the Needles!

Now to block it. Any advice for blocking Bam Boo?

That box beneath it is for my SP10 Pal. I totally outed myself last week so she is getting her giant last package very soon. Go stop by and tease Megan, cause she's trying to stay away from my blog! (A girl after my own heart! She likes to be surprised!)

Remaining goals for the week: Finish Monsoon sock #2, cast on the Sunkist Cardi, find an appropriate pattern for my Spritely Goods Peppercorn Blend sock yarn.

40 days left. Will I make it? I am feeling very pressured to crank some yarn out of the stash.

ETA: By the way - 10 pizzas, three dozen cans of soda and two dozen cookies were enough to feed 15 fifteen-year olds. Dudes!

Ten pizzas?! Yowza.

Um... No suggestions on the bamboo. I steamblocked/ironed the SWTC bamboo, but you definitely want to test that on a swatch or something first.
WTG! Bam Boo off the needles must be a thrill.

As far as blocking, I'd check the cleaning instructions on the ball band and act accordingly. If it's washable, wet blocking is okay. If it is dry clean only, I suggest light steam blocking.

I'm in awe of your knitting progress. Can't wait to see what you crank out this summer.
Only 10 pizzas for 15 boys? Were they sick or something? But you did have 2 dozen cookies so maybe some ate more cookies. I have heard they are bottomless pits.
Ugh. Boys. Mine are only 7 and 8 and they eat twice as much as I do. My husband has still not come to terms with our grocery bill. Boys.

Congrats on the Bamboozley Sweater! Can't wait the see the finished product!
Don't fool yourself - teenaged girls can really eat too! They just don't want the boys to know! My daughters' school has single-sex monthly class parties so the girls can really get to know each other - and eat!
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