Monday, June 04, 2007

Last week of school???

Seriously, where did the school year go? I have before me a summer of driving to camps and amusement parks and weekend trips to the cabin(Yay). Oh, and Lacrosse games.

Indeed, progress was made this weekend!
-7 inches on the Purple Rain Scarf
-8 inches on the Bam Boo Mess
-3 inches on the 2nd Dragonfly sock

I predict I will be casting on something new this week! Sorry for the messy-looking picture - I was not in the mood for artsy this morning.

So, as I was setting up my Bloglines Feeds last night, I stumbled across some really yummy sock patterns. Join me in check these out!

There the Waving Not Drowning sock pattern - very Jaywalker-like. The Violet Green Wool Shop has some other patterns - check it out!

I also found Manning Knits (who is currently posting about TNNA) - she has a couple of gorgeous sock patterns!

So at day 41 I am slowing the enabling and offering you some sock stash busting patterns! Yay!

Now I have to go to Costco and buy food for 15 year olds. Ha! Lacrosse end-of-season party - wish me luck!

Oooh, nice links!

Good luck with that party. I'm dreading the "hungry teenage boy stage." I'm already going broke on groceries!
Oh, my, I wonder if you'll be able to transport enough food home for that party!
Food for how many 15 year olds? Good luck indeed!
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