Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last Hurrah!

Before the weekend...
White Oak Studio has an Etsy store and she has named her yarns colorways after TV shows and movies. With Jana's permission, I've borrowed photos of CSI Miami, Gunsmoke and Gilligan's Island up there. She also packages a stitch marker with each purchase of two skeins of yarn (enough for a pair of socks) and priced at $24 - Swarovski crystal and sterling silver. They all make me think of tropical islands.

I actually purchased some of this yarn here for my SP10 Pal (I showed you a peek back on May 3), so I still have not broken my Yarn Diet, tho' I am sorely tempted, indeed.

So, as of Friday morning, I have 30 days left, and I am on the road to the cabin again. I don't have to drive this time, so I plan on finishing the cardi and a sock this weekend! Woo and Hoo!

I have some of that White Oak Studios is so fab! And--bwaa haa haa---I have the Buffy colorway! Take that, Yarn Diet Lady!
Enjoy the cabin....don't think about us down here roasting...really.
How very weird. I just posted about Jana's naming contest (I came in third tee hee). Great minds . . .
Have a good weekend!
Enjoy the cabin - stay cool!
Wow, only 30 days! Good girl. Enjoy your weekend.
The last month will just fly by for you! : )
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