Monday, June 11, 2007

Kona Sez:

"Enough of these kitty & doggy bellies - won't SOMEONE throw my ball?"

The cabin was a little chilly until Sunday, but we had sunshine so noone complained. It was too windy for the kayaks, but the kids did take them out into the creek on Saturday afternoon. Fishing was great on Saturday evening - 8 pound Bass and a lovely lady Walleye (which my husband threw back, because, catch and realease, you know).

A little knitting progress (I drove both directions), but no photos this morning.

However, every knitting vendor in the known universe is trying to break my yarn diet. I had so many e-mails from different yarn shops, I want to cry!

Scout has a full stock of Go Knit pouches in her store. I love my purple pouch.

Sophie's Toes is updating at 10:00 am today. Her colorways are fantabulous - really - and it goes so quickly.

Woolgirl has updated her shop with loads of lovely new yarns. Lavender Sheep, Liisu Sock Yarn, Three Irish Girls, Union Center Knits and Woolarina.

And, of course, I missed the Maruca bags update at the Loopy Ewe. What is a girl to do? But she has really expanded her stock. I love the shawl pins by Romi.

Well, it is only 34 more days.

Jess, we're actually kind of between Hayward and Spooner, on Whitefish Lake. We make a trip to Hayward almost every weekend though. My son goes to camp up at Lake Owen so I make at least two trips a year to the Pine Needles shop in Cable. They really have lovely people working there.

Knitting progress tomorrow - I promise!

My book club--usually 7 of us (4 knitters)--has a couple retreats a year near Minong. Would we need to bring our own tomato juice?
Temptation is the key to getting you to break the diet..... evil laugh!!!!
Don't break you diet Guinifer! I'm in such awe of your diet and don't want to be disappointed :)

The cabin sounds like fun, love the picture.

I poked around on blogger over the weekend and I don't think it would take much to start a KAL. You start the blog, then send invitations for others to join. (Actually, I would guess they contact you by email saying they want to join and then you invite them.) I have some Cascade Cloud Nine in my stash I think would knit up lovely for the cropped cardigan.
I'm glad you had a nice weekend! I bet you'd have savored the cool more if you'd known the heat was about to hit us...

Lake Owen, eh? We used to camp there all the time. Nice place, at least in my memories.

I've only been to Pine Needles once as they never seem to be open when we drive through. I will make it this summer, though I may actually have to *gasp* plan it out.
Awww! Kona is so pretty! My mom was friends with a lab breeder when I was a kid and we always had labs and pups around. They're such great dogs!
Great yarns... but what I really like is the dog and the fire...yeah.
Too busy to show belly there?! ;)
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