Monday, June 18, 2007

Kona says: "Hey! I don't hear no frogs Lady!"

But I heard them loud and clear later this night:
when I realized there was no way this sock was going to fit my foot. So, while I did complete one sock, I also ripped it back and cast on 60 stitches this time around. I may try a less bulky pattern this time around as well. (Sigh!) Well, at least I got the sleeves finished on my cardi. I just need to do the ribbing around the front and neckline and then there will be another FO to put in my closet!!!
Just for Mia - see we have a couple different styles of Kayaks - but yes, they are mostly for fun on our little lake.One of the blogs I lurk at, Momma Monkey, is opening a new Etsy store this week. She's going to have these awesome little project bags with coordinating yarn and other stuff. Check her out. She's also got some awesome sock patterns.

27 days and counting, I really wish my blog friends would quit teasing me (sigh).

So...what's the book?
Bummer about the sock. I really hate that final realization, then the ripping...ick.
Sure there are frogs down on the bottom of the lake. They were just hiding from that big thing.

And I like the kayaks. They are so much fun!!!! always can give those socks as a present:-))))

Nice, dog in water...cooling picture.
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