Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Rasta!

My SP10 Giftee, Megan (to whom I did an early reveal), has ventured into the waters of hand-dying. I commented on her first venture (which I liked very much), and LOOK! She sent me some! Thank you very much Megan!!! I think I'm going to try the Chevron & Feather sock pattern that I found here. It really amazes me the quantity of free patterns I've found on the web!

In the meantime, I've cast on the Cable Twist Socks in some more DK weight from Cider Moon (which you can buy at the Loopy Ewe, but I bought this particular yarn directly from their website). This is Glacier in the Silver Pine colorway.

Quick and easy pattern, and I think it's prettier in the sock than in the yarncake.
Lastly, another de-stash project is on the move. The Eyelet Cardi has made nice progress - I'm about 1/2 inch from starting the armhole shaping. The fabric is very light and stretchy. This may go to a niece for her birthday, then I'm thinking another for me.

Can you believe I only have 17 days left on my yarn diet? Suri Merino, here I come!

Wow, both you and Jeanne are making great progress on your cardis and I haven't even started! Ack! Ack!
Your cardi is looking good. I'm through one sleeve, and have about 2.5 inches of ribbing for the body. What yarn are you using? Chris did find some errata on line, but nothing too big. Have you tracked that down?
I'm going to put the Cable Twist Socks higher on my list. And I love the cardi to be!
So have you given some thought to how you will spend ($$SPEND) your first day back from the yarn-fast? Is there a yarn store that will let you roll around in the stuff for awhile?

Lovely knits! Simply lovely!
OHHH! I love the eyelet cardi yarn. Such a great color. Drat, now I have another yarn to add to the list. I don't think I'll live long enough to buy all the yarn and make all the projects I wanna.
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