Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here is the Money Shot-
The Peppercorn Blend Socks I used all but .10 of an ounce of DK weight yarn from Spritely Goods in the Peppercorn Blend colorway. This yarn is very silky to the hand - a little splitty on the Knitpicks needles, but probably would not be a problem on bamboos. I loved knitting away and suddenly coming to one of the very bright red sections of yarn.
This is what I had left - .10 of an ounce on my little scale. I kept weighing it as I was knitting the foot repeats, thinking I couldn't possibly have enough yarn.

Eighteen days left, and do you know what I want?
I want some Suri Merino from Blue Sky Alpacas. I mean, admit it, doesn't even the name sound delicious? Ali over at Skeins Her Way is having a contest and giving some of this away. I entered, but I dont care, come July 15 I am SOOOOO ordering a big old pile of this. I like all three of those colors up above. Seriously, I am stomping my feet, pouting and saying (in my head and heart), "But I WANT it!!!!"

I gotta go visit Chaos and Mayhem now for my daily dose of kitty cute. See you later gators!

Those socks turned out very nice...and you have TON of yarn left over. Although I do hate that feeling as you are knitting along wondering if you are going to run out or not.
Those are great socks! I bet your shopping list is pretty long.

Aw, I'm glad you like to visit us!
Are you wanting to fill the stash again? Of course if you win it in a contest, it doesn't count as stash. :D
I'm not big on 'red' but I like how that yarn turned out. Excellent job, Ms. G.
I love the socks but I also love your sock blockers. I'm tempting fate but can you tell me where you got them?
i love the haycorn sock blockers!
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