Monday, June 25, 2007

FO, CO and what? I dunno...PO?

I finished one sock (I'm gusseting #2).

I cast on the Eyelet Cardigan. Maybe someday I'll be grownup enough to do the math and knit this in one piece on a big circ - but today I have a migraine and it needs to be simple reading for me.

And this would be pluggin' on - the Arches and Columns scarf is up to 20" - I just pick it up and knit a row here and there. My pal shipped it to me with a really good smelling dryer sheet in the box, and it retains the lovely smell, I love when I pick it up.

I was tempted, so tempted this weekend! The Northwest Fiber & Book store in Spooner, WI has a new owner and my SIL wanted to go check out the goods, but I held strong (and went out on the jet ski instead!) So that brings me to today. Twenty days left in the fast and I am sad because I know all that nummy lovely new stuff that went up at the Loopy Ewe is going to be gone by July 15.

Also, those ladies over at Ruby Sapphire keep tempting with the pretty, pretty....

I actually do have some Yarn Pr0n to show you tomorrow. My Project Spectrum C*eye*ber Fiber skein came last week (along with my STR - but everybody's got some of that!) It's actually up in my stash over at Ravelry, but I'll post a pic here as well.

Oh, I hope you're feeling better now... damned migraines! Like that first sock - very Project Spectrum. :)
Hope the migraine has passed. They suck.

Spooner? Road trip!
I hope your head feels better. And the animals were trying to help you by behaving.
Hope your migraine is gone. What size eyelet cardi are you knitting? I'm happy to share my math with you just as soon as I confirm that it's correct. 8) I'm about done with the first sleeve, and will start on the body shortly.
Your m igraines must be kinder to you than mine are to me! I'd be out cold!! Lovely sock!
I just love the color of that sock! And the name peppercorn is perfect!
Beautiful peppercorn! And hope your migraine is better by now...
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