Friday, June 08, 2007

Blocking, Finishing and Traveling:

It doesn't look like such a mess all pinned down like this, does it? Monday we start the sewing.

Pretty, pretty Dragonfly socks. The men think it looks like camouflage. Yarn is STR Monsoon from the first Rocking Sock Club shipment. Hmmm, we must be getting the next shipment sometime this month?
Here is the Sunkist Cardi which is going on the road with me this weekend. School's out and we're heading up to the cabin later this morning. If you're ever over in Hayward WI over the summer let me know - we make awesome Bloody Mary's at our place.

Here are yesterday's comments:

Hey, you, Jeanne, and I should have an eyelet cardi knitalong. :)

Wait - me too!! Can I have a knit-a-long too. I think I h ave sosme Calmer in my stash. Or else I'll get some. Or I'll find something else. Please, please, can I play??


I was going to suggest a knitalong, but I see Chris already has. It might take something like that to get me going. We had better let Deb play along too. You have quite an impressive list of projects there.

Love the idea for the Calmer. I've got a bunch in my stash, wonder if it's enough for that pattern...
I am totally up for a KAL - but I've never organized anything like that - any advice from my eager friends?

37 days, and the stashbusting is really rolling now!

You're in Hayward? No way! My grandparents used to own Lakeshore Country Club and I spent a big chunk of my summers there growing up. We will be up in Ashland in July and probably heading down to Hayward for a round of golf in my grandparents' memory. I'll have to drop you a line and maybe stop in for a Bloody Mary. Yum.

Have you been to the Pine Needles yarn shop in Cable? You know, before your yarn diet?
Maybe we could coax you out into public and do it in person??
I've never hosted a KAL, either! :) Hmm, I have a skein of the Monsoon - I wonder what I can do to minimize it's camo properties... Have fun at the cabin!
I would join you in the Cardigan (to finish as last one...:-)

Think starting a KAL is not that difficult. You start a new blog for the KAL. Make a text/call... + photo + link to the knitty pattern and than you pass the information to:
And then it's waiting for participants....
The thing I don't understand is that everybody's posting on a blog, you can ask one of the other KAL's how they do that.
Hope you have a nice time in your cabin...
I think, in reality, for a KAL all you need is a button, and a place to link to. It doesn't even have to be a separate blog. (Which I never post to anyway.) Have fun at the cabin!
Whew! What an ambitious amount of stash busting!!!! I am in awe. Wish I had some Calmer in my stash. I like that cardi - a LOT!

How'd the lacrosse game turn out?
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