Thursday, April 19, 2007 Oh My!

Allright, since my Yarn Fast started on 4/16 - I have 87 of my 91 days remaining. I will keep the countdown, just to stay strong! My current mileage goal for July 15 is 400 (measured from the beginning of the year), I'd like to bump that up to 650 since I am currently at 350 miles!

Also? The Sweet Sheep is putting up some Sweet Georgia Friday at 7 and Saturday sometime. None for me as the fast is in place. I really would like some Kill Bill...but I will STAY STRONG!

Keep in mind that previously placed orders will be trickling in so there will still be the pretty to show you, I may even show you the pretty a little bit at a time!

(Mia wants me to admit, out loud, that I have a sock yarn problem. I TOTALLY admit it! To make it worse, I take a particular joy in enabling....) By the way, Mia maintains my undying respect for many things. Not only is she a modern day hero as a firefighter, but she was an awesome swap pal. She takes awesome photos and knits some really fun socks!

I ordered on Friday from, and this is part of what I received on Monday:

Hmm, that Boots looks incredibly similar to the pretty I showed you yesterday doesn't it? Well, just one more reason for the yarn fast. The Stellar's Jay was chosen for the Teen. He was our nature guide on our trip to New Mexico and was thrilled to point out the unfamiliar wildlife to us, the Stellar's Jay being chief among them. I thought he would like a manly pair of warm socks in that particular color.

Lorraine - A trip to Shepherd's Harvest may fall under the category of a Mother's Day gift. Would you be going on 11th or 12th? Some planning may be in order.

More pretty to show you tomorrow.

I'm going Saturday, the 12th and it's my Mother's Day gift from the family as well. I'm doing the two Tracy Schuh dying classes, so I plan to spend the entire day there, just to have some browsing time at the vendors.

It's quite a drive but I had a blast last year, even going by myself.
Hey, I'm probably going to Shepherd's Harvest, too! Here's hoping it's warmer and drier than it has been. I'd probably go on Saturday.
Blush. Thank you for the compliments. And I do like your yarn. I can't wait to see what else you ordered. I hope Teen Boy likes and appreciates his new socks when they are done.
After discovering the WoolGirl site thanks to your earlier post I'm thinking i should join you on this yarn diet! you are an enabler extraordinaire!!
Oh, the yarn!!! And Sweet Georgia? Hmm.... I have Rusted in my stash from her old Etsy shop but I'm so tempted to get more. On eBay it has been selling for over $30.
Shepherd's Harvest may be a reasonable excuse to take a break from that Yarn Fast, you know. Are you a spinner? Because buying fiber for spinning totally doesn't count ;-)
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