Friday, April 27, 2007

Stash Socks Swap

So I got the pretty in the mail without even trying!!! That up there is some Colinette Jitterbug - in the Mardi Gras colorway, but it's really bright, and really gorgeous!! She sent me a whole bunch of other perfect goodies! There's a little knitting reference book, some Pony needles for kitchnering, an excellent little crochet hook AND stitchkeepers!!! How nice was she? (Now I have to get my outgoing package in the mail..) Thank you so much Kelle! I'm not sure what her blog is, but I suspect that there is one (link in my comments if you're there Kelle - she did say she's been lurking.) Kelle definitely went above and beyond. Thank you!

I'm signing up for another kit swap this week - by invite only - I'm pretty excited.

So, I'm up to seven inches of Flair with 79 days left of Yarn Fast. This is what my desk looks like this morning. If anyone is interested, that is an episode of "Blood Ties" that I am watching on my iPod. It runs on Lifetime on Sunday nights, but I miss a lot of episodes so I load them onto iTunes and watch them while I knit. Kona is starting to feel better, so less butlering is involved in my day.

The landscapers have been here all week repairing the damage the siding guys did this Winter and they're planting all sorts of new pretty flowers in my yard! Now maybe I can post some beautiful nature pictures like my friend Mia.

Psst. Wanna know a secret? I got more Pretties in the mail yesterday, but I'm gonna eke 'em out a little at a time since this Yarn Fast is cutting into my receiving of The Pretty. Some pretty, pretty roses and STR!! (I may have to really hold off on the STR 'cause it's the Sock Club and I don't want to be all spoiler-y.)

This was ETA all sorts of stuff.

Wow!!!! You got spoiled. I am hoping to see Jitterbug next week. And it didn't break your diet. I will do this swap again if it turns out okay. Maybe even an invite only one. Keep knitting.
What a fabulous package! Stash swaps are an awesome idea.

BTW, Blood Ties?!? I saw part of an episode the other week, and I just didn't get it.
Hee hee - worried you're going to lose your title as a master enabler?! ;) Great swap goodies!
I'm so glad you like your package! I sent you my favorites. By the way, I love your Mad Weave sock and the yarn on your blog is awesome!! I plan on ordering soon. Swaps are so much fun...I signed up for another one.
That looks like a fun swap! : ) I got the STR club yarn too on Thursday. Very cool!
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