Monday, April 23, 2007

(Sigh.) 83 days left.

Did you see Cider Moon's new Louet based sock yarn? I linked it yesterday. I have to wait 83 days. (Sigh) Are you tired of the whining yet?

I took my secret project along with me this weekend, and I have to say I have never ripped and re-knit a project as much as I have this one. I'm just hoping that I can figure it out.

There was progress on the Mad Weave Sock before I left however:

We had a big Lacrosse weekend. Varsity lost (boo), but it was a non-conference game so it won't matter until we have to play them again in the Playoffs. The Freshman/Sophomore team had a round robin tournament on Saturday and they won two out of their three games. The Teen plays in the Attack position and they are shorthanded so he got a lot of playing time on Saturday.

We took a quick spin up to the cabin to make sure it is all in once piece, and it is. My SIL lives up there so we visited and had dinner together. I taught her how to knit over New Years weekend. We bought her first project (a very simple scarf with alternating knit and purl stitches - a 2x2 seed?) I checked up on her progress and she's finished three scarves and a baby blanket!!!

I shipped off my SP10 Pal's second package on Friday - now I'm lurking on her blog to see if she got it!

The colors on your mad weave sock look very fresh. Just right for Spring!
Hang in there! (What about Mother's Day gifts? Does that count?)

Gorgeous socks!

It's always fun to introduce someone new to knitting! And cabin knitting is the best when it's still cool outside.
I love that sock! And the colors are wonderful.
At least you had fun. And BTW, I love your sock's colors!!!
Sounds like a busy weekend but I see YOU managed to post a photo. So lovely. Is the SIL stashing yarn yet? That's how you know you've got a real convert. P.S. No Yarnover for me. Too busy with dance stuff. Meh!
Those socks are great!!

83 days? Hmm, you've been on this how long?! 7 days??
(whisper) There's a fundraiser for the American Heart Association on my blog with 5 drawings and at least one will contain said delicious sock yarn from Cider Moon. Just sayin.'
Wow, love the mad weave socks. They are fabulous.

Wish they had LaCrosse when I was in high school.
I'm not usually a green person, however your sock is great.
Wow the weave sock looks great. I guess I should do one!
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