Thursday, April 05, 2007


The road to Taos. It was beautiful and sunny every day. Can you believe how far you can see across here? Of course, this was right before I fell asleep at the wheel and almost drove us off the side of the mountain. (I actually only blinked and realized that I almost kept my eyes closed and immediately pulled to the side of the road - my husband - quite rightly freaked and we all had a little break right then...oh, and he took over the driving.)

Other progress, relatively little...but...Potamii!! Potamuses? What-the-heck-ever! They are done! Yarn Ahoy Chocolat Cherry (she has an Etsy store - but she is on sabbatical for a while.) My second Cookie pattern completed.

Also? Pink Zebras! I started this one on the plane - and pecked away at it a little at a time over the week. The pattern is, um, just a minute....Dublin Bay Socks from Mossy Cottage Sock Patterns. Sorry for the blurry picture, but we are sick here at Chez Stairs. Oh. So. Very. Sick.

On the flight down to New Mexico there was a sweet young girl in front of me - half of a sweet young couple - and she was honking and snorting and blowing her nose quite effectively. I looked to my left at Puck and thought "Boy. I hope he doesn't get sick." Well, he didn't. At first, anyway. I did. Monday the cough started - it felt like a dry throat. Tuesday, the cough was in full effect, and boy did it make those high altitude hikes miserable. Tuesday night my fever hit 102 degrees and I was curled up on our hotel couch in achy misery while the rest of the fam went out for dinner. I woke up feeling better on Wednesday, but the boys were starting to sniffle and bark. By Wednesday night, the fever and aches were back in full force. My head was so full Flying was a misery indeed. The boys were just piggy backing on my misery (in other words - enjoying their share - but in lesser effect). The Urgent Care doc, just shook her head in sympathy and said "Virus.", and she sent me on my way. (She did however, give me the "Just in Case Script" which I will promptly fill tomorrow if I am not feeling better.)

The contest in my previous post was one for the SP10 blog - for inquiring minds.

Did I mention that my SP10 pal sent me a gift certificate for my favorite store? No? Well she did, and I've spent it already. I'm expecting a package from The Loopy Ewe as soon as all my mail gets delivered from vacation....oooo, I can hardly wait! Pictures will follow, of course.

Well, I hope to get on my blog rounds tomorrow and start visiting all of my favorite stops!

Good Night All (sniff).

Ahhhh, you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. Also, considering you almost drove into the wonderous eternal sleep, maybe your SP will send you something special....wink wink! Hugs! Oh, and yes, you did post a thank you must be hallucinating! (but hey, I don't mind!)
The scenic pic was beautiful, and I love your Potamii?? Potamuses?? Um yeah,what you said!
Oh, both the P socks and the Dublin Bays are lovely!!

:( Very sorry to hear that you were sick on vacation. Being sick seems even worse when you're on vacation.
How terrible to be sick on vacation :(

Your pomatomuses are cute!
I especially like the Dublin Baby socks and the yarn you chose for them. Hope you're feeling better soon.
Get better! Your pink zebras are a lot of fun.
That is some gorgeous scenery! Bad luck being sick but it looks like a good trip nevertheless! Cute socks too. : )
Why do people travel when they are sick? Who knows? I hope you feel better real soon. I know that the package from the Loopy Ewe will help you feel better.
I LOVE your P socks! Very nice. And you knit them so fast! That's the only sock pattern I've ever had an urge to knit more than once.
Get better soon - I'm sure its cutting into your knitting ;( - I'm just jeaslous.

If you need somthing to distract your boys this weekend, I'm having a Peeps Diorama Contest at my blog - and sock yarn is the first prize!

Just think - you can get rid of the peeps and knit at the same time.
I am so sorry that you have all been sick. It hit us last week too. Thank goodness it seems to be gone.
Love the socks but hate the whole "it's a virus" line from docs. Been there, done that. Sending some healing prayers your way.
oh dear, hope you feel better by now...what is it that hardworking women always get sick in their holidaytime?
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