Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pink Zebras!

Sounds like the DT's doesn't it? This is Sunnyside Ellen's self-striping yarn. I picked this up off of etsy. The pattern is Dublin Bay. I started this last week on the trip out to New Mexico and finished them up last night. A relatively easy and fast knit. I used the new Lantern Moon Sox Stix (size 1's). I liked them OK, however the points could be a little sharper and I managed to snap two of them before the project was done! I do love the length though. These completed socks puts me at 3.14 miles for the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon. 4.0 miles is going to be a piece of cake.

Next: this is going to be my next ultra-secret project - I can show you the yarn - but that's it!!!
ETA: This is All Things Heather Sock in Scarlet - purchased quite a while ago from The Loopy Ewe. This is heavenly yarn to work with. Love!

I also cast on a pair of Roza's Socks with some Yarntini last night. I'll have some pics of that tomorrow.


So my secret pal this time around is so very mysterious!!! My new yarn yesterday was courtesy of a GC she sent me. She sends me tons of ecards - I have no idea who she could be and no clues at all!!! She sent me another Loopy Ewe GC (which I spent at the update yesterday) this week!! Thank you Pal!!!! So, later this week MORE yarn pr0n courtesy of My Secret Pal!!!!

If you live in the Twin Cities area you probably are aware that the inaugural season of sanctioned High School Lacrosse begins this week. My teenager will be playing on the Freshman/Sophomore team and they have their first game tonight. People? It is snowing like it's January outside. If you get a chance to see a High School Field Lacrosse game I highly recommend it. Fun and exciting and very fast paced. (Field Lacrosse is different from Box Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse is what the Swarm plays in the Xcel Energy Center.)

Stay warm today people, it's cold out there.

I love your Dublin Bay socks!! Hmm, I think I need to make another pair of those...

Mysterious project...

The snow - eeeek!
I know, this snow is ridiculous!

I had the same problem with my Lantern Moon Sox Stix. They are very pretty and a good length, but way too fragile. I had the same problem with the longer Lantern Moons in size 1 and 2 also. I just don't think their wood is strong enough to use for such small needles.

The socks look lovely, though!
I like the zebra socks. And you are such an enabler ;)

I like how your SP10 pal is being mysterious. She is going to keep you guessing.

And lacrosse is a great game. It is more popular here than football here. Tell them to look at Hopkins for lacrosse.
A secret pal is called a sEcret know...:-)
So much lovely yarn lately and the blistering pace you've been racing on the sock marathon has me breathless.

I have to ask - how do you wear your more vibrant socks? Do you show them off in capris and crocs or hide them in boots?
The pink zebras are fab. And so was alllllll the yarn you showed earlier. Wistful sigh!
Those pink zebras are GREAT! You must be very pleased. You've got me curious about what you are going to do with the scarlet yarn...
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