Thursday, April 26, 2007

One! One Mad Weave Sock!

(As The Count from Sesame Street would say.)

One Mad Weave sock sitting on one inch of Flair! My one inch of Flair has actually become five inches since I took this picture yesterday afternoon. This yarn is so yummy and I love this sweater so much, I am wishing I'd bought enough Blue Sky to make a second one in a bright color. I also think I may need an extra skein for this sweater - which I declare will be an exception to the Yarn Fast if it becomes necessary. I browsed last night looking for the best price I could find on the Blue Sky cotton, and it comes down to Webs having the best price when you order the quantity for a sweater (with discount - $7.50). Kpixie had it for $8.50, being the second least expensive place.

80 days people, and I am so proud. I STAYED AWAY from the Loopy Ewe yesterday when she did her "Sneak Up" of new yarns. I looked at the end of the day after ALL of the Yarn Pirate was already gone. For a while, us knitters tipped over the Ewe - the site crashed just a little bit under the weight of all the shoppers.
Also? Wouldn't this be the PERFECT yarn for April/May Project Spectrum? This is some hand-dyed from the Yarn Nerd. Just askin', 'cause you know I'm not shopping, right? Eighty days left - I have finished 11% of my sentence.

Vewwy vewwy pwetty socks! Was the pattern difficult?
But - can you get your dye lot of the Blue Sky at those places???

Why do you torment yourself so?!
For some one on a yarn diet, you seem to spend quite a bit of time looking at yarn. :)
Those have to be the prettiest socks I have ever seen in my life. Ah.
Most beautiful sock! Wonderful colour! And why was it again that you started your yarnfast?
I like how the Mad Weave works with the striping yarn, I'll have to remember that. And? I love the Count! : )
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