Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Secret Pal has Struck Again!

She sent me another Gift Certificate to the Loopy Ewe, and as I am a Loopy Groupie, I received notification of a "Sneak Up" last week. Well, credit in the account + Fleece Artist =


And since I wanted the free shipping, I threw this in as well:

AND - because I am a Loopy Groupie, Sheri tucked in this:

Kisses for me, in case you weren't sure.

Mystery person who is enabling me to the extreme - THANK YOU!!!

Who can she be? When you only receive the gift certificates, it makes it very hard to winkle out identity clues....

What a lucky girl you are!! I got a pretty cool pal in this one, too. Too much fun, isn't it? My back is all better now...thanks for the well wishes!
Wow! Very lucky girl!
I am green with envy (again). All that gorgeous yarn (sigh). I'm saving up for Shepherd's Harvest but if it doesn't get spent there, Loopy Ewe is my next stop!
You must have the best pal ever!
Great pal, great choice!
Okay beautiful yarn but what colors are they????? I love the kisses that she sends. Gives me a reason to order more yarn so I can get chocolate.
Oooohhhh, yarn. I remember buying yarn. It seems so very long ago. Darn this Knit from your Stash thing! Good thing I've got a freebie day at Shepherd's Harvest. Are you going?
OOO, you have a great SP, she knows you well! I like that lower colorway of FA, yum!
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